Cyberslacking – inget nytt under solen?

I en läsvärd artikel Cyberslacking, Business Ethics and Managerial Economics resonerar Walter Block (på ett mycket underhållande sätt) om i vilken grad Cyberslacking och Cyberlofing ska ses som något helt nytt fenomen i arbetslivet. Klicka på titeln (ovan) eller följ länken här:

Under rubriken ”Nothing new under the sun” står t ex att läsa:

“Cycberslacking involves visiting pornographic sites and news sites, shopping, stock trading, vacation planning, gaming, chatting, in other words, engaging in general non-business Internet activities on company time and using company resources.” In addition, this practice includes looking for a new job on the internet, comparing present salaries and working conditions with that available elsewhere purely as a matter of curiosity, doing homework on company time, exchanging e-mail with friends, etc., etc.

But there is nothing on this list of activities which was unknown before the advent of personal computers, e-mail, the web and all the rest. Pornography, surely, was a staple of pre “modern” days, with calendars of naked women adorning the walls of many offices and factories. How many comedic sketches on TV made use of a man reading, ostensibly, a business related journal, while inside was tucked something very different? As for “news sites,” has no one ever seen an employee reading old fashioned “news sites,” e.g., newspapers and magazines, while on the job? Yes, in days of yore one could not shop while still at the desk or workbench. But an employee could peruse advertisements in the aformentioned newspapers and magazines, clip them out, and plan on a shopping spree. Stock trading was accomplished in the days of our working grandparents by telephoning a stock broker while on company time. Vacation planning, too, was not unknown in the days of typewriters. Chatting, forsooth, was a staple around the water cooler (this was before the appearance of designer bottled water for those readers unfamiliar with this appliance). As for gaming, the computers have no monopoly over chess, checkers or solitaire. Similarly, there were always want adds for those looking for a new position, and job comparison shopping; homework could be done with pen and ink while at work, and exchanging e-mail with friends had its parallels with snail mail, courtesy of the post office.

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