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Threats and Possibilities Facing Nordic Working Life – The 7th Nordic Working Life Conference, Göteborg, Sweden, June 11-13 2014


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Working time and leisure time – Stream 18: Working time and virtual work

What happens to working time in sections of the labor market where the content of production is becoming more knowledge-intensive, that is, where production is largely based on creativity, knowledge development and communication – processes that are difficult to control and locate in time. Paired with the rise in information and communication technology (ICT), room for interpretation is created by necessity as concerns the boundaries of work and what constitutes a satisfactory work effort.

This conference stream highlights threats and possibilities in the transition of working time from the standard work week in which employees work in one location to an increasingly fluid situation where working time has become more diverse and flexible. For example previous research shows that a lack of boundaries is a central issue in virtual work. Working under this kind of “flexible” and “free” conditions may open up new possibilities to combine work and family demands. Further on, the autonomy given to the employees to decide where and when to work can boost motivation and improve job satisfaction. However, there are several studies that indicate that employees under these conditions may experience lack of control, with both lower job output and stress symptoms as a consequence. Depending on research perspective, this has been linked to lack of self-management skills, organizational culture and level of support from HR.

This stream invites papers that elaborate on:

  • Flexible working time and work/family integration.
  • Flexible working time and stress
  • Flexible working time and HR-processes (for example recruitment and retention)
  • Flexible working time and self-management
  • Flexible working time and organizational culture
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